Wednesday, April 28, 2010


UMMMMMM.....#DEAD ....took it 2 far ...ahahaha




Those look expensive along with that thick ass bracelet....sheeeeeshhhh





Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yo Gotti - Yo! Gotti charm

This is yet another outladish insane charm ! straight out of the mind of a rapper and a talented jeweler ! based of the infamous YO! MTV RAPS logo , this chain is hitin crazy with all those pink and white diamonds ! SICKENING SHINE ! prob a sickening price paid also hahahah guess is atleast 50k

Waka Flocka - Gumby chain

There arent very many pictures of this sick ass piece but here is the clearest one i could find froma show he did the other night. as you can see hes also got his horse buddy from the show along with him on the chain - pretty RAW! flooded with green diamonds and canary stones with various othe colored stones for detail ! DOPE AS FUCK !

Ron Browz - Ether boy & RON BROWZ piece ..

ETHHHHHHHHHHHHER BOYYYYYYYY ! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....LOL what the fuck ever happen to dude ? major string of hits , no nothing ? hope the label didnt shelf him ....SMH.

Trae the Truth - Boondock 's character piece

This shit is just flat out silly , but i still love it for the fact that it is insanly diamond encrusted and is probably solid gold , ect. check out the other pic above , is it me or is he rocking young joc's hustlenomics chain ? anyone know anything about thats ? robbery ?

YOUNG L - Super Mario ghost charm

Young L is a young rap producer with some crazy style ( minus those dumb cell phones clips hahaha ) but yo for real this chain is off the hook , matching ghost tatted on his hand - pretty stylish id say ....

Flloyd Mayweather - PHILTHY RICH charm

Yeah the chain says it all , one of the craziest show offs and tough talkers in the boxing / sports industry --- hes got all sorts of stunner shit that ill be posting from now and then ..ill keep it brief with this crazy charm for now ....straight black diamonds most likely all platinum

Jibbs - Jibbs Logo link chain

Im saying i totally dont mess with jibbs or any of the music hes done ( ...can name any songs .....crickets *** ) but his idea on this chain is sick ! got the multi colored stones spelling out his name all around his neck ....

Chingy - DTP charm

The 1 and only chingy post on this blog i promise .....well dead it at these pictures LMFAO

Pharell - N.E.R.D Gucci link chain

This is some completely outlandish shit hes got goin on here ! WOW ! i am digging the old school link style with the colored stones , and the piece on that thing is massive ! im gonna say he deff paid atleast 400 K for that bitch , not to mention its an amazing piece of art also ! DOPE " I BET A HUNNIT WHEN THE LIGHT HITS THE ICE YOU VOMIT " - Skateboard P

Chris Brown - OOPS! charm

This is a waaaay older picture of chris bown showing him rocking this outlandish pink white and yellow diamond emblem wit hthe word " OOPS!? " on it ! shit is sick and my sources are telling me he paid around $300,000 for it and premiered it at one of Diddys parties a few years back ...Prety dope - colored stones are my favorite

Yung Joc - Hustlenomics Piece

This shit is a monster ! A giant letter H for hustlenomics iced the fuck down with canary and white all natural diamonds ! this is easily like 5 punds of solid gold SMH ! rappers these days dropping serious cash to get pictures taken ! sheeeeesh ! even the groupies getting a piece of the action ( pictured above ) Dope anyhow ....

Camron - The world is yours globe + Giant cross

Camron has always been known to rock massive amounts of diamond chains ! in one of the pictures you can see him wearing all his charms including the big cross , various dipset chains and this ill stoplight charm ! i only picked the world is yours piece and the giants cross becuase they are biggest and most well known of his chains ! i believe the cross was crafted by Icee fresh ( Ben Baller's spot ) and im not 2 sure about the rest ....

Wiz Khalifa - P chain

Basic chain , reppin Pittsburgh hard with the yellow diamonds hanging off that fat franco link chain ....With all the current buzz he has hopefully hell come out with a sick new piece - i think hes got some concepts cooking up !

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unkown: Super Mario Brothers chains

Set of Mario & Luigi chains info on this picture at all ! not sure who these guys are or if the pieces are diamond or what ....any info - hit me up

Petey Pablo - Pinky and the brain pendant

DAMN , he took that shit toooooo far !!!! SMFH ! hahah a solid gold pinky from pinky and the brain show ( cartoon ) ??? i bet that shit is worth a few fucking dollars SHESSSSH !

Kid Cudi - Jesus Face on rosary beads ...

Im pretty sure this also belonged to kanye and or was given to him for being signed to the label , someone was trying to tell me this story . dont know if thats true or not ...anyone ? also i believe this one of the newer style jacob & co jesus faces ....canary & white diamonds on rose gold beads

Unkown artist - Kool Aide Man


Freeway - State Property chain

This was one of his earlier pieces , but its always seems to be around his neck - must be a favorite ! pretty basic , just straight diamond ...

Unkown artist - Yoshi Piece

This is one of my favorite Mario / Nintendo themed pieces ive seen on the net ! Those blue / green diamonds are so well placed on this excellent 3d style charm ! anyone know who did this ? lemme kno ....was going for 10,000 on ebay ...

Nigo - Bape Logo pendants ,,,

Nigo is the creator of Bape and he deff lets you know it with his collection of Bape logo themed pendants and charms. his pockets are probably extremly deep so all those colors stones aint shit to him ahaha ! I wish i could rock some of those size chains ! my personal favorite is the Ice cream logo with the pink , green , blue and yellow diamonds all over ...AMAZING artwork !

Nore - " Nore-Ports " charm

This is probably the best chain concept of all time ! ahahaha this shit even opens up like a actual pack of cigarettes ! Also that green diamond shit hits hard !